Discover the processes and journey, emotions and insights,
that move your business forward.

When you want to know more about your market, such as the buying processes, personal journeys or emotions that guide decisions, or even something you may not consider to be “market research,” Beetrix can help. We peel back the surface rationale to reveal the underlying attitudes, behaviors and beliefs that unlock understanding. Our engagements often examine what influences the choices that people make, especially regarding their financial security, healthcare services, family wellbeing and business processes.

Whatever specific type of research your burning question calls for, you’ll understand the whys, emotional as well as practical, in a deep and meaningful way so that you can design strategies in response.

::: Standout Research Types :::

Decision Process Research
Get to the why.

Some of the reasons your clients or customers have for choosing a product or service might surprise even you. Without bringing preconceptions or assumptions to the table, Beetrix helps you see an important decision-making experience, buying process or journey with fresh eyes. Using proven techniques, we persuade people to communicate how they think, feel or act at every step to identify the key touch points that catch their attention and trigger – or even inhibit – action.

You’ll not only gain the details you know you need about what they do, how they feel and who or what influences their decisions, but you’ll discover the unexpected, sometimes ugly realities that let you sidestep obstacles and tread a clearer path towards solid business decisions and strategies.


Going Deeper Research
Go deeper into emotions.

When there’s something you want to understand better, sometimes you need to go deeper into emotions. Based on our social science expertise and our years of research experience, we specially design interviews or groups to uncover a rich understanding of how people perceive your category, brand, product or service and how it fits into their world. We instill the trust necessary for them to open up, listen to them in their own words, let them tell stories, leverage their language and images, and find what matters. The multi-dimensional layers of meaning that emerge are often surprising, enlightening and deeply informing.


Targeted Topics & Other Objectives
Reveal more opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for a type of market research that falls outside of the decision-making or deep dive processes, or have a specific topic you’re interested in that may fall outside of standard market research altogether, we can address it. We design research and ask the right questions to find answers to even the most interesting and unique concerns or challenges, especially when your topic is a sensitive one.