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Meet the Beetrix team of strategic and artful researchers

Our team of research professionals offers the ideal mix of science and art. We work in diverse industries and communities and bring to every engagement the deep qualitative research experience and intangible qualities needed to persuade people to open up.

Beetrix is named after Randi’s grandmother, Beatrice Ward, who loved a good story.

Randi C. Cohen, PhD

Randi Cohen founded Beetrix in 2000 and has developed a vital group that brings well-honed expertise to uncovering insight from consumers, professionals and constituents. While providing leadership on all Beetrix projects, Randi is highly in-demand as an interviewer, thriving on sensitive or complex topics. As a sociologist, she has a keen interest in understanding group motivations and behaviors and identifying patterns of meaning. To her clients, Randi is an outstanding research partner who informs clients’ strategic decisions and reveals business and social impact opportunities.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Cohen earned her PhD at Stanford University studying the development of the personal financial planning industry. Prior to founding Beetrix, she was Managing Director of Harvard Business School Professor Gerald Zaltman’s global research firm.


Robin Glickstein, EdM

Robin Glickstein has helped set the tone of Beetrix engagements since the beginning. She has a knack for connecting with people, persuading them to open up to her, and consistently overcoming resistance. Whether on the phone, on-line or in person, Robin’s innate warmth allows people to express their deepest thoughts and feelings on any topic. The results enable different audiences to hear each other and to have simpler and more profound understandings of the ideas that matter most.

Robin brings marketing experience from her prior positions on both the client and agency sides, her countless hours and various Board positions helping community and art non-profits, and her work as an interviewer in the Mind of the Market Lab at the Harvard Business School. She holds an Ed.M. from Harvard University, as well as a BS from the University of Colorado. Robin lives in Denver.


Rob Levine

A gifted illustrator and a graphic designer, Rob Levine has brought his unique skillset to diverse projects at Beetrix from the start. Rob provides visual expressions that deliver compelling summaries to clients. For customer journeys, he captures rich, detailed renderings through a bird’s-eye view illustration style. For image-based interviews, Rob helps translate the essence of respondents’ collected pictures, thoughts, and emotions into story-like summary images. Personable, methodical, and creative, Rob’s work supports the findings, and at times reveals patterns that might otherwise have remained hidden.