how we work

Count on our customized approach to uncover what matters most to you

Because we believe that research and relationships go hand in hand, and because our objective is to deliver the understanding each client needs, we take a customized approach. We guide you to engage in the best and most efficient ways for you, work to minimize bias and increase richness, and tailor the presentation of your results – all so that you receive insights you can use with assurance. If it has to do with uncovering insights, we can help you with it.

::: Ways to Engage :::
Research Design
Customized to best reach your goals

Whether your specific situation and requirements call for groups or interviews, conducted in person, online or on the phone, in ongoing or very defined engagements, we look for efficient research processes and design them strategically. Together, we’ll determine the best approach and techniques. If we feel you should scale back on scope, for example, you can count on us to say so. We can also layer on tactics to foster or stimulate responses in an interactive and creative way, such as giving an assignment in advance involving taking pictures. Throughout the process, we work to build sound research outcomes and your trust.

Data Collection
Focused on uncovering opportunities

Our expert team excels at guiding and inspiring participants to convey clear and complete information. People don’t always open up about strategic business decisions or personal choices, and some may feel uncomfortable discussing topics like money, family and health. Our sophisticated, discerning and empathetic approach overcomes these barriers to gather the rich, accurate data you need to foster your insights.

Information Analysis & Insight Sharing
Not just data – understanding

Depending on your business goals and structure, you may need us to cut through the clutter and identify what is meaningful by also providing keen analysis and customized reporting. Using methods both inductive and deductive, our skilled analysts identify patterns, hunt down specific answers, and place the implications realistically in the context of your world. Whether through detailed reports, engaging illustrations or verbal debriefs, we can tailor the format to your needs with the same integrity as we apply to data collection, so you can develop a thoughtful, strategic response.

Other Ways to Engage / Other Accommodations
Uncovering whatever you need to know

As your partner, we are here to uncover understanding. Accomplishing that may fall outside the usual qualitative research project approach. Maybe it’s about training your team on how to ask better questions or reviewing and sharpening your customer survey. We’ll approach your goals thoughtfully and work to accommodate them.